The initial image of the Vertipie was released by Freddy Poli. It was for us a great source of inspiration. Our
custom image is now running an entirely evolved software melting the best of the retro gaming software :

  • attract mode
  • retroarch
  • motion blue

The mad scientist aka Invader_meh did an impressive work on the image. Among many secret stuffs and tricks, he tested every single game with every single emulator to find the best ROM/emulator combination with the best video/audio driver combination for maximum performance.

The result ? Perfectly emulated games only... No lagging games, no flickering sprites, no chopping sound.
This intensive job has been done on almost 1500 games : here, we have no clones or bad dumps, only original games and some interesting hacks.

Also, the interface is highly polished to provide the best gaming experience :

  • HD graphics
  • game wheels
  • video snapshots
  • flyers

Click to enlarge picture

Everything was optimized for the best and most exciting gaming experience. There is no need to get your hands dirty to be able to play properly a game, all the job has been done for you.

After copying the roms into the system, You just have to plug'n'play : )

The device is shipped with a 64Gb genuine Samsung Evo Class 10 containing all the necessary software.
The SD card is not removable.
As the system is highly tweaked to insure the best performance, all ability to further tweak it by the user has been disabled.

When you buy a Vertipie, you buy a gaming console, not a "must set up" linux based computer.

DISCLAIMER : The Turbo Vertipie software does not include roms. You must provide your own. To help you with that, we provide a list of known working roms with the correct version of them. We do not provide download links for them.  According to your country, owning roms may be considered illegal and you can be prosecuted. We are not responsible for law infrigements.
To help you load the roms into the system, a step by step tutorial will be provided (basically, just a copy paste over ftp)