• Hard cased pack
  • LiPo 2S
  • 7.4V
  • 5700mAh
  • High discharge rate (25C constant / 35C burst)
  • Fast charge rate (2C)

    The battery offers more than 6 hours of playtime.

Note : It has been metered at 7 hours 10 minutes maximum during testing. However, due to usage conditions and temperature, you might experience slightly lower duration.


We have chosen these batteries for several reasons :

  • They are RC cars batteries and thus, very sturdy
  • They are very reliable unlike pouch batteries and have been thoroughly tested by the RC community iver the years
  • The cells are matched to offer best performance over time
  • They offer very high discharge rate (up to 200A in burst, 142.5A under normal load) so they will sustain the Vertipie's load with zero efforts
  • They can be charged fast (2C charge rate = 11.4A per hour) so our dedicated charge board will recharge them typically in less than ne hour to their full state !

 LiPo batteries 7.4V/5700mAh/35C/2C/2S3PLiPo 7.4V/5700mAh/35C/2C/2S3P

Power Supply

  •  Integrated DC charging port
  • External power supply (9V / 6A) with jack connector

The power supply combined to the charger will allow a complete recharge in typically an hour, depending on the discharge rate, but it might take up to 1.5 hours.
You can safely let the charger plugged after a recharge, the charger cuts the current to the battery when the charge is done. It is recommended for more safety to unplug the power supply from the device and from the wall after the charge is done (allow up to 1.5 hours maximum for a charge to be complete).

You will need to supply your own power cord (IEC C13 on the power supply side, plug suitable for your location on the wall side)


9V - 6A external power supply (included)9V6A 54W AC DC Adapter Charger 9V 6A POS machine credit card machine Switch Power SupplyIEC C13 power cordIEC C13 Power cord (not included)



Built-in intelligent charger offers :

  • over-charge protection
  • over-current protection
  • over-discharge protection
  • balanced charging
  • fast charge

The charger will give maximum performance and a safer usage to the battery. Also, the battery life will be extended and the capacity will remain high over time.

Important notice

You cannot play and charge at the same time !
When the power switch is in OFF position, the device is put in charge mode. You can safely plug the charger and recharge the battery.
If the main switch is in ON position, do not plug the charger, you would damage circuitry and/or cause a burn inside.
As the device is using a fast charger, there is a huge amount of current flowing from the power supply into the charging board. All tested switches able to fit the snug space couldn't sustain the flow so the charging port is wired directly to the charge board. These pads are shared with the load circuitry. Having both circuits opened at the same time will lead to a short and possibly fire.