All the elegance, beauty, and charm of simplicity make up a new masterpiece : Vertipie. Inspired by a legendary old gaming system, it's designed for gamers looking for the retro feeling with a modern computing power.

The Vertipie is THE device for the vertically inclined players : )


Printed in PLA with a FDM 3D printer, the cabinet is carefully finished for a super smooth surface and shiny surface :

  • sanding
  • filling
  • priming
  • painting
  • clear coating
  • polishing

The design, based on the Pi Score initially released by Jeremy Williams and Sean Charlesworth, has no apparent screws : nothing can perturb the elegance of the shape.

The device was re modelled from scratch to modify it internal structure for a better space optimization. It allowed us to add some fancy features like fans, headphone jack, bigger batteries, among others.

Don't get cheated, outside may look identical, but inside, it's another device.

Under the cab, rubber feet secures the device from slipping during gaming.


Every Vertipie comes with a custom sets of decals already applied for a perfect finish to the look. The cabinet clear coating is done after the decals are applied, so they are perfectly protected for a long time.

The decals specifications are :

  • UV proof
  • Oilproof
  • Waterproof
  • thick vinyl
  • UV printed by a professional factory
  • factory kiss cut

All the themes are our own custom work.
When ordering, you can choose among many designs (see themes section) or ask for a special commission
(fees may apply and more delay) Please contact us for feasibility of your special design.