Believing in what you do might seem trivial, but the fact is it can make a huge difference. It makes you much more powerful and sharper than those who just have interests.

This is how Invader_mey and i, YaYa DESIGN, have worked really hard on the Vertipie : with a lot of belief. We are both hardcore gamers, we both loves gaming and we both loves retro gaming.
We discovered one day that we had something more in common than gaming, computing, geeks shenanigans... shoot'em'ups !
We both spent a lot of money and time playing shoot'em'up games either on arcade rooms, either at home with consoles.

Then came out the awesome design by Jeremy Williams and Sean Charlesworth : the Pi Score (discover it here on Bits to Atoms). It's a recreation of the old Coleco tabletops gaming devices with a slightly more modern look. But it lacked something : all the components inside were laying roughly on the ground without much more organization. Plus, it was lacking a nice software to take all the benefit of the vertical screen.

Freddy Poli released once an image called Vertipie that was dedicated to vertical games. You can read more about it here on Arcadepunks. Unfortunately, as soon as after the release, the project seemed to be abandoned, lacking support and community. It was a great software but needed more work to debug everything, and it needed to be really dedicated, not just another piece of frontend where you throw a thousand of roms with more half of them being clones or not woring.

With those two ideas in our hands, we had the 'Aha !' moment : create a small and lightweight device, with an awesome look, dedicated to vertical games, with a powerful software image.

Invader_meh and I, YaYa DESIGN, are both very complementary. He is a hardcore coder, while i am a freelance graphic artist. We decided to join our efforts to create that dreamed device : the one that brings to life all the shoot'em'ups from the arcade room, right into your hands.

I started to model from scratch the 3D model, to create decals sets and to optimize the internals and evolve the electronics into something more powerful.
Meanwhile, invader_meh dedicated his entire time to rebuild the image, and add everything it was lacking.

After more than half a year of hard work, the results was there : The Vertipie, for the vertically inclined gamer.

That's how we are bringing to you an incredible machine where every single atom has been thought twice, and every single pixel, optimized twice.


For Vertipie, innovation and ease of use matters. We’re driven to create remarkable user experiences for gamers using our device… because nothing is more important than being able to play immediately without bothering during hours to set up a system. This is how THE Vertipie was designed : plug'n'play.



We are both well known in the makers community and trusted people. Invader_meh is a developer at the Odroid Retropie Arena. I am a freelance graphic artist that is serving the community with custom stickers and graphic design for more than a year. We are both moderators at


We both are pernickety and every detail is important. We let no room to approximations and whatever we do, we always do it as if it was done for us, with a great level of details.


Who best than the creator can support his work ? You won't be left alone with a wobbly software or hardware. Everything has been thoroughly tested, and we master our subject to back you in case you need our support.


We are all members of a community that's why it's important to know each other. Meet our two team members, because knowing them, will describe their work.


Designer / Graphic Artist / 3D Modeler

I'm a former graphic artist and web designer. I am also a huge fan of retro gaming and been in the emulation scene since 1997. I have spent tons of hours in arcade saloons (and money) and had almost all the consoles at home before 2008. I can describe myself as a passionate, self made, pernickety gaming enthusiast.



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